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I deeply recommend Viola Apartments

"I stayed in Medulin at the Viola Apartment in the summer of 2011. After 7 days, I can say that I am very pleased with the ratio of what I invested and gained. My room was equipped up-to-date and always clean. I think everything has recently been renovated. The swimming pool was also always clean and well maintained, just as the entire object's environment. I went to several lovely excursions near Medulin and received useful and valuable information from the kind hosts to all my questions and inquiries."

Host's remark: Thank you, since 2012, ALL apartments have air conditioning! :)

Johan, Wiesbaden, 29

Very lovely and pleasant hosts!

"The boarding house is at a quiet location and is very tidy.
The restaurants, cafés and beaches of Medulin are nice, while the same is available in Li¾njan in just a 5-minute drive or a short walk.
A very nice covered terrace has a view of Medulin, all the way to Pula. Very lovely and pleasant hosts attentively and flexibly take care of their guests and this way, guarantee a pleasant atmosphere.
Air-conditioned, comfortable apartments with new bathrooms and kitchens. The water in the swimming pool is always clean and nice. International TV programmes and WLAN complete the positive impressions of my stay. I'm already looking forward to my next stay at the Viola Apartments."

Frank, Ingolstadt, 43

Simply excellent ambience!

"I have been spending my vacations at the Viola Apartments for years and am delighted with the hosts' hospitality. Viola is a family business which consequently tries to fulfill every guest's wish – and they're very successful at it. :)
An excellent view, tidy apartments, a Swedish buffet for breakfast and the Okadar family even takes care of organising our Istrian excursions.
Simply put, an excellent ambience and who ever wants a pleasant and comfortable vacation with a nice atmosphere has found the right address."

Andrea, Marchtrenk, 31

Such a nice atmosphere, I fell just as if I was at home!

"After several short stays during the past years at the Okadar boarding house (Viola Apartments), I can give them a good mark because I keep coming back. :)
I have plenty of space for my kid, there is virtually no traffic, the parking area is almost next to the front door, the swimming pool is great, the air conditioning works and the apartments are brand new or completely renovated. Everything is very comfortable with plenty of green surfaces; a quiet location, however all your requirements and conveniences are at a walking distance. I feel just as if I was at home because of the nice atmosphere and in the end, my kid enjoys himself, which is what matters most! :)
The kind host had no problem going all the way to Pula on a Sunday to buy medicine for my child or 'straightening out' my Notebook, which means everything is top notch! I deeply recommend it and am available for all questions.
Viva Viola, Viva Okadars!!! Woo-hooo!"

Hanspeter, Zuerich, 35
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