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Excursions & Events

Istria is a synonym for culture and sports, with international happenings. Various events take place in the region all year round: music and film festivals, concerts, sports tournaments (e.g. the ATP Umag), while Istria's lush cultural life adds an extra dimension for the visitors.

This section is under construction. You will find more suggestions for excursions in the future. Come back again!

If you are staying in Medulin, you will surely not be bored, especially if you are adventurous.


The beauties of the Adriatic Sea and the underwater can be explored all year round. With the flora and fauna of the sea hidden alongside underwater reefs and caves, the quiet world of sunken ships will be at your hand as well.

Sea diving centres are well equipped for organising and running scuba diving trips at many attractive locations and can assist you. Scuba diving classes are organised in the summer and can take on even larger groups of divers.

Über Istrien und Medulin   Über Istrien und Medulin
Über Istrien und Medulin   Über Istrien und Medulin
Über Istrien und Medulin   Über Istrien und Medulin

We have several suggestions for activities besides swimming:

Cape Kamenjak
The Kamenjak peninsula is a marvel of natural architecture, situated at the very South of Istria, near the Premantura settlement and the city of Medulin. Every year over 500.000 people visit Kamenjak and almost everybody comes back, enchanted by the natural beauties and the positive energy of this unique location.

Cape Kamenjak is a national park, which can be visited by car (the entire peninsula is entwined by 'white' routes), bike or - what is the most beautiful option – sea path by boat. Surfers, divers, swimmers and cliff jumpers enjoy the beautiful beaches and the clear sea.

We will gladly organise your transport by boat to Cape Kamenjak, the lighthouse, the nudist beach or many other magical islands and desolate coves, specific for their deep blue and crystal sea.


The Go-kart fascination!
Go-karts are equally fun for adults and kids! The ‘Green Garden’ is a CIK-FIA-licensed, asphalt Go-kart circuit just 6 km from Pula. It is the biggest circuit in this part of Europe, being 1.001 metres long and 7-8 metres wide.

Price and business hours details can be found at

Enjoy the adrenalin fun - driving go-karts, playing paintball or futsal!

Safari Bar at Cape Kamenjak
Visiting the Safari Bar is a mandatory part of Medulin stay for any enthusiast of true nature.

There is a small, yet highly unusual and thus unique and famous bar at the very South of Cape Kamenjak.

The Safari Bar will surprise you with its ideas and absolutely natural solutions for a children's playground, sun protection and sites where you can have sangria with fresh squid and enjoy the unique view of a lighthouse located at the very South of Istria.

Über Istrien und Medulin   Über Istrien und Medulin
Über Istrien und Medulin   Über Istrien und Medulin
Über Istrien und Medulin   Über Istrien und Medulin
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