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Istria has always been a fountain of variety, a unique location with abundant green fields meeting the fruitful inland and a long, picturesque coastline with may islands and coves. Due to its natural position, this area is exceptionally accessible from all European directions and the mild Mediterranean climate invites visitors all year round.

There is no other place in the world that will offer so many things at once. A turbulent past and many conquerors have left their mark in Istria and the famous cultural heritage, while the hard-working and patient Istrian man has given everything an even greater and significant meaning.

Istria is a tourist paradise today, with its offer based on natural beauties and an abundant accommodation choice, along the coast as well as the inland; and interesting contents, suitable for all ages.

In all its light, the Arena is one of the best-preserved Roman amphitheatres in the word, the most important Pula landmark, alpha and omega of memories from Pula! The Arena, where gladiators and lions fought, could seat up to 25.000 viewers. This impressive monument delights, the magnificent history that you can see, touch, feel, where only the biggest cultural programmes take place today.

Diversity and energy characterise the entertainment and nightlife of Istria. Nightclubs, jazz and rock show can be found in the main regional centres. Istria offers many trendy clubs, bars and live music shows, as well as theatres and cinemas.


Istria has displayed its miraculous delights in a blooming Mediterranean garden at the skirts of the Alps, as if on a throne. The Adriatic Sea stands before it as a blue carpet, with gems lining along the coast: Umag, Poreè, Vrsar, Rovinj, Pula, Medulin... crating a necklace Istria is renown and famous for.

The Istrian climate is mild and Mediterranean, with warm and dry summers and mild and pleasant winters, including 2.388 sunny hours per year, while insolation measures 10 hours in the summer. Specific winds include the North ‘bura’ wind, which blows from the North towards the South, bringing sunny and colder weather; the South ‘jugo’ wind, which brings warmer, but wet weather; and the mild ‘maestral’ wind which blows from the land towards the sea and has a cooling effect in the summer. The average temperature during the coldest period is 6°C and 30°C during the warmest period.

Istrian cuisine is healthy, diverse and influenced by the Italian, German and Slavic areas, while at the same time it expresses the Mediterranean. Local dishes include traces of tradition and pastoral Istria.

Valuable dishes include the truffles omelette, pasta with white truffles, dumplings and polenta with truffles and meat.

Preparing seafood specials is never-ending.

Bearings of the sea have a specific taste in this part of the world.

Über Istrien und Medulin   Über Istrien und Medulin
Über Istrien und Medulin   Über Istrien und Medulin
Über Istrien und Medulin   Über Istrien und Medulin

The city of Medulin is situated at the South Istrian cape, 6 km South of Pula. More and more tourists from all over the world choose Medulin as their destination for vacation, sports and recreation.

Medulin is among the top 3 features of Istrian tourism and is one of the 20-odd most famous summer destinations of the Adriatic Sea. Its dynamic development lies on the valorisation of the natural foundation and physiognomy of the tame landscape. Every visitor can find a real oasis of peace and quiet here, abundant with landscapes of this Mediterranean scenery, but at the same time can spend a highly dynamic


and content-rich vacation. The Medulin bay is ideal for all water sports and you can find a wide range of sports, recreational and entertaining activities outside the water as well.

The best period to visit Medulin is between April and October. The high season temperatures (July, August) reach up to 38° C and the sea is pleasant at 26° C. The high season includes obvious advantages for people who crave fun and excitement and don't care for others, but you can always find a beautiful, hidden spot in Istria if you want to sleep away from the loud music and busting.

Über Istrien und Medulin   Über Istrien und Medulin
Über Istrien und Medulin   Über Istrien und Medulin
Über Istrien und Medulin   Über Istrien und Medulin
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